About me….

226768_196791753795657_1279411509_nI am a Cartomancer taught by my mother. Cartomancy is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards and was the most popular form of providing fortune-telling card readings in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It is similar to tarot card reading in that I use various card spreads, however Cartomancy uses a standard deck playing cards, and it is the most accurate form of fortune telling I have ever found.

I am also a natural empath. Just give me your name, and  I will give you my impressions – no need to tell me a long story.

I am both Claircognizant (a psychic knowing without a physical explanation why you know it), and Clairsentient (I can feel your energy through your voice vibration as you say your name).

I will ask you to repeat your name (or sometimes the name of the person your asking about, or both) three times. This is my way of “tuning in” to you…

I may get impressions, like your hair color, or the body type or height of the person you’re asking about. If this happens, its just conformation that I am “tuning in” to you…

Your deceased loved one may appear to me during our reading together. If that happens (and it is not guaranteed but it does happen often), I will describe the spirit as they appeared in the life where you knew them, and I will ask you if you want the message from that spirit.

My guides are conferring with your guides and sending insight to you. They have been with me since childhood and I have been offering insight and receiving messages about my friends and family all my life.

I will help you and offer guidance on any issue or problem you face in your life.

It will help tremendously if you take a few deep breaths and put yourself in a calm state as you call me.

ABSOLUTELY ALL are welcome in my house: gay straight, short, tall, God made us all. I’m here if you need me.

Thanks for understanding and respecting that I do not give health readings.

Please be sure to call with clear and direct questions. I will begin to pick up your energies with images or information and provide guidance. I will use playing cards and the art of Cartomany to provide additional insight. Let me help you now.

I grew up on the eastern seaboard and have been naturally psychic my entire life. My guides were with me as a child and they are with me now: through them, I receive messages in the form of images. My description of the image is the message or “advice” that will have meaning to you. Along with that, I practice Cartomancy – reading regular playing cards – and they give me an accurate understanding of what is happening in your specific situation.


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