The Soulmate vs. Twin Flame Relationship


As you can imagine, many, many of the people I assist call me to inquire about their relationships. We all want to know if the relationship we desire will have staying power.  When we meet a familiar soul it can make us or tear us apart. What is most confusing is the Soulmate vs Twin-Flame relationship. And, while some may argue that it is impossible to know the difference, we know for certain that each is a very important relationship. Here is what I have come to understand:

Soulmates and Twin-Flames can feel very similar. Soulmates are the common encounters, while Twin-Flames rarely ever incarnate together at the same time.

The commonalities are that you feel the same type of “familiarity” between you. It’s a beautiful feeling best described as comfort, as if this person is not a stranger. Both have an intense attraction, and both denote the feeling of “knowing” immediately just described. But there are real differences between these two soul relationships.

Soulmate relationship appear in our lives in the form of best friends and lovers, even family members – like a cousin, sister, or mother. A Soulmate will have a lot in common with you and equally as many differences. Its sort of like Soulmates meet us on our path to support our spiritual journey, and generally they come right in to help us learn –and they present a lot of challenges.

Many times we have difficulty facing those challenges with our Soulmates as they are often hinged with past Karma, past life experiences, karmic debts to each other, or conflicts within us that our Soulmates cause us to face. Soulmates bring some aspect that we need to address head on but we always have a choice to do that or walk away. Typically the Soulmate relationship helps us become more tolerant [in – and of – life] which leads to more acceptance, forgiveness, and happiness as we grow and move forward in life. BUT THIS IS NOT EASY.

Often times, people think, “Wow, he (or she) feels so familiar! I KNOW them! I loved them INSTANTLY! So, why am I crying now…? Why didn’t it work out…?” Its a total misconception that the Soulmate relationship will land in the middle of you life surrounded by rainbows and leprechauns! In fact, its quite the opposite.

Think about it this way… What happens when things grow? Well, what about babies and children? Babies aren’t born walking, are they? They get bumps and bruises and fall and learn. Well, our souls are the same:

Simply put, we are each here on this earth to learn and grow, and the Soulmate comes along to help us on that journey. And, as we grow we hurt, and the soulmate is like the magnet/bandaid/lesson that helps us get to the next level of our understanding – and for the most part, its a relationship that can hurt like heck.

On the other hand, the Twin-Flame connection will feel like EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY. Even if there are long periods of separation, or cessation of communication, you will come back together with more love. The major theme of the Twin-Flame relationship is unconditional love. You just realize the deep love you have for your mate no matter what external circumstances may force you apart. You are always held together by love. Many Twin-Flames face obstacles such as distance, marital status, significant age difference and other conflicting circumstances that force the two to remove ego and many patterns of thinking they previously thought were right. They key is that TWIN-FLAME RELATIONSHIPS ALWAYS WORK.

Consider this… Imagine a huge fancy schamncy party like a gala – you have to wear a tux, or a ball gown – total black tie event. Lets call it the SOUL LOVE PARTY. Ok, now, in order to get there you have to buy an outfit, get your hair done, find a ride, etc. If you are going to the event with your SOULMATE, you both might look amazing, you both might get in the car together totally excited. BUT, you get a flat on the way there. OR, you spill a soda on your dress when you get there. OR, he’s late to pick you up and super sorry. SOMETHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG WITH THE SOULMATE RELATIONSHIP TO TEST YOU AND MAKE YOU LEARN AND GROW. That doesn’t mean you won’t stay together. It just means there will be challenges, and that is the point.

If, on the other hand, you are going to the party with your TWINFLAME, he or she will arrive on time, he or she will JUST HAPPEN to match your outfit. You will have an unbelievable time at the event! You will JUST HAPPEN to be the couple that wins the big prize at the party – etc. In short, TWINFLAMES ALWAYS WORK OUT.

Very simply put, the Soulmate helps our should grow. The Twin-Flame shows up after all the work is done.

I hope this helps you.

I’m taking calls all day and always here if you need me, k?

Love and hugs,


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