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Today, I’m sharing something really special with you; this is a LESSON IN AFFIRMATIONS & EMPOWERING MANTRAS!!  It is a lesson that my dear friend wrote on her blog and I decided to share it with you!!!

I hear you, I hear you, “Hope!  What is an AFFIRMATION??”:
It’s easy… Affirmations change energy.  It is something you say, every day, that helps change energy, bring in goodness, and lift the positive energy swirling around you.  Saying these affirmations (or your own, that you’ve made up) creates energy–a powerful, positive force that begins to overtake the negative that you may have previously created or may have been in the process of creating and change it up, to create something wonderful, something positive, in your life, JUST for you 🙂
*** Think of “Affirmations” as “Magnets.”  Energy magnets!

EMPOWERING MANTRAS:  these are sayings that I’ve come up with for me or gathered over the years that just FEEL powerful when I say them.  These  mantras have helped jerk me back to the positive when I’m feeling a bit down, or negative, or just get that feeling that I’m about to create something negative in my life that I don’t want!
I say as many as I feel I need at that time.  I also have a habit of reading them–which also has the ability to just uplift my spirits.

ALSO:  I encourage you each to make a list of the things you want to come to you in life, and look at that list every day–ask The Angels, or God (or whatever name you call Them or Him by) to bring you what you’ve asked for.  Then, forget the list until the following day–knowing you’ll get what you asked for! My life is a living, walking, breathing testament that these “lists” work.  I call them “My God List”, or “My Angel List” but call them whatever you want to call them–they work!

So here is what I do:  I make my God list, say it daily, then forget about it for the rest of the day.  Next, I say my Affirmations–I’ll pick a several that appeal to changes I am wanting to make within me or my life at that time.  Then, on any given day that I may start to feel myself getting down/depressed (where that negative energy can go into “creation mode”)–I pull out the Mantras.  I don’t want to allow myself to go into negative-creation-mode because I’m about creating good in my life–not the opposite.  And if I don’t catch myself, I’ll reverse the good I’ve been creating and have to start over.  Make sense?

So I read the Mantras until I start to feel the tension/anxiety/frustration/stress pass.  Then I say a “thank you” to my Angels for helping me through the ugliness, and I get back to life! (The Thank You is VERY important–never believe that your circumstances changed just b/c of you–there is ALWAYS a Higher Power helping you out in some form or fashion–so be grateful to Them and, in turn, you receive more–b/c they LIKE being praised.  Or at least that’s been my experience and the experience of other’s I’ve talked to who’ve used this method).
So, now that I’ve done a lot of talking, here are the Affirmations, Mantras & Empowering sayins that you can taylor-make to your own needs:


  1. I only manifest the best IN my life & FOR my life! Prosperity is always drawn to me.
  2. I am a MAGNET for _______________ (insert: prosperity, success, happiness, love, passion, romance, money, wealth, luck, health, etc)
  3. The law of abundance is ALWAYS working in my favor and working for me!
  4. I am constantly receiving happy surprises that I am thankful for.
  5. I am constantly receiving money from known & unknown places.
  6. I am a magnet for money!
  7. Without any harm coming to me, I am free of all debt!
  8. I look and feel great!
  9. I am very lucky to be me!
  10. i AM the luckiest person!
  11. I willingly receive all prosperity into my life.  I gratefully receive all prosperity into my life.
  12. I live a stress-free life.
  13. I am constantly amazed at how easily and quickly I lose weight.
  14. I lose weight easily & quickly, and I keep it off!
  15. I am a positive person.
  16. I have high self esteem.  I have a lot of self confidence.


  1. I am the power, the master & the cause of my attitude, feelings, emotions & behavior.
  2. I am powerful whole and complete within myself.
  3. I am powerful & centered at all times.
  4. I allow nothing and no one to know me off-balance or off-center.
  5. I have perfect self-control in all situations.
  6. I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s negative energy.
  7. My THOUGHTS create my reality, and I ONLY create the best for me!
  8. I recognize mistakes are positive and not negative.
  9. I choose to live in the present & not hold the past against myself.
  10. Every action I take leads me to happiness, prosperity & wealth.
  11. I hereby surrender all problems & challenges into God’s hands.
  12. I have perfect faith & trust in God, His Angels & myself.  All I want is coming to me, at the right time.  There is no need for impatience.
  13. Everything in my life happens for a purpose and for my best benefit.
  14. Every situation in my life that I perceive as negative is only a passing lesson and is actually positive.  It is only my perception that makes it negative.  It is only my unwillingness to release that allows the lesson to remain in my life rather than pass out of my life, as it was meant to.
  15. Every perceived problem is actually an opportunity.  Find the opportunity.
  16. Fear has no place in my life.
  17. My God (higher power/universal power/Angels, etc – whatever is right for you!) is a God (see previous:v) of PLENTY. He (she/it/they;v)  always takes care of me.  Why would today be any different?
  18. God’s promises are built upon a rock.  As I have asked, I MUST receive.
  19. I cast my burdens to the universe and am free to be loving, harmonious and happy.
  20. Timing is NEVER an issue–I always receive what I want and need, at the exact TIME I am supposed to have it.

These are just a few examples of Affirmations & Mantras–you can make up an affirmation about any subject and will see positive results happen from them if you are diligent in saying them. If you’d like help making up some Affirmations or Mantras for your personal situation, please feel free to email me, let me know what subject you want them on, and as time permits, I’ll be happy to send you some just for you! 🙂

Hope you found the wisdom of my dear friend helpful!  Email me with any questions!

Hugs and love,


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