One Little Question… So Many Psychics…

226768_196791753795657_1279411509_nWe’ve all done this ok…  (including me),

You find your self needing an answer.  You call psychic after psychic, and then, finally, you ask yourself – Why is it that I keep getting the same message about the same question but with different psychics and yet nothing is happening?

The answer is simple . . . you’ve lost faith!

If you truly had faith you would not go from psychic to psychic to get a reading about the same question.  It’s like shopping for a pair of shoes.  You keep shopping around until you find a pair that fits for you.  You walk around the store with them – decide… hmm these are comfortable.  And, then ….  ask the sales person to put them on hold!  What you are really doing is telling spirit that you don’t believe what they are telling you and that you will go from psychic to psychic until you get a message that you WANT to hear, not one that you need to hear.

Since you don’t have faith and trust that it will all work out, you will get no where.  Spirit will keep giving you the same message and yet nothing will happen until you finally give up with the window shopping and give it all time to work out.

You see – when spirit gives you a message in regards to a question you have – we here have to wait for the energies to manifest for the right conditions to arrive for that message to actually manifest and become reality.

It’s like that old saying “Let go and let God”.  I will not read for the same person with the same type of question in less than 6 months because of the fact that they have to let go and let God.  That doesn’t mean that you just sit home and wait for your prince charming to knock on the door.  That’s not going to happen. The pizza delivery person is only there to deliver the pizza and not ask you out on a date.  Or that job that spirit told you that is going to arrive in a specific period of time is not going to find you unless you get out of the house and apply for jobs.

There is always work that we have to do to get anything to happen.

Some of you are like OK, Hope,  I don’t need a psychic to tell me that.  But to the person getting the reading it’s a message of hope that they need to hear.  OR it may even be a message of – Sorry you are going to have to wait longer, there’s too much going on in your life right now for a new relationship.  And when they look at everything going on in their life they realize that the message was right and they relax about looking for the perfect relationship.  That is when things will begin to happen for many people.  That’s letting go and letting God.

I mean, lets say you need to send a package.  If you are going from one mail service (FedEX) at one location, to another mail (UPS) service at another location, and nothing is going to happen until you decide to trust one to deliver your package.  Same goes for when you are going from psychic to psychic (and paying a lot of money in the process)  asking the same questions – now you know why nothing is going on.

What you need to do is STOP!!!  Get the 1 ONE reading and LET IT GO!  Stop worrying about it, stop festering about it and let your guides help bring the changes to your life.

Got it?
Listen, you are not alone. Life is not easy.  I am here as a guide to you.  My guides and your confer and I am able to deliver information to you.  Call me anytime. And then, let things unfold on their own…



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