Deciding not to “see”…


Yesterday a dear client called to tell me how her predictions were panning out.  She has called frequently and has been very anxious about her situation.  As, I’ve said many times, the guides don’t always want us to know every single detail of life.  But, in her case, it was very clear that there would be a turning point by summers end.  She decided to disengage.  Just “be” and stop trying to “see”.  (OF COURSE) Things turned around just as she did that.  Really, about a week later…

When we talked, she said something that resonated with me: she said, “I am intuitive myself…” It occurred to me that many of my clients are just like me… Well, perhaps they wouldn’t be able to see a person’s hair color, region, and body character over the phone, but they do “sense” what is happening in their lives and they just call me for verification.

Like her, I have waited and hoped for a love to return, but unlike her, it took almost two years.  It was a period of my life that almost put me in the nut house.  Trust me when I tell you, I know the chord of connection between people; I know that a soul relationship doesn’t leave without closure – and even then, sometimes it lingers; I know that we come back together through the ions and recognize each other, and sort of pick up where we left off.  With that, however, I also know how difficult it is to disengage, put it on the shelf, or even in the trash, and let it (him or her) come back to you in divine timing.

Life is confusing; I’m thankful and honored to offer you guidance and the insight you need.

I’m always here for you,



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