I see… You see….

Psychic-reading-by-phone-mail-273x300-1Isn’t it the truth that we all look to advisors to “see” what life will bring us. We each yearn to understand the moments of life that are confusing or overwhelm us.  In my life, there are a few trusted people that I rely on to help guide me.

Although I read energies and can see the imprint of your situations, when it comes to my own life, I often need verification of what I’m seeing and so I “read together” with someone I trust.  But, even with that, I know like I know like I know, that the truth of life can surprise us, and I am often caught off guard.

Like you, I have been given predictions that come to pass, but in ways I would have never imagined.  When I left my last job as a Marketing Director to start a business in a creative field, my good friend, a writer and psychic, said that someone I didn’t expect would follow me and not to give up even when I doubted – the business will succeed, he assured me.

Well, how could have known that after three hard years, the receptionist at my former job would see what I was up to on Facebook and not only offer to work for free until I could afford her, but suggest my business to her current employer landing me a very lucrative contract, which will completely turn the tide.  My point is that you must take the information and let it be.

Don’t try to figure it all out; let life happen. And I will also try to take my own advise, lol!

Just as I believe that some are given the gift of insight to help others, I also believe in the power of the universe to take us to the exact place at the exact time for the exactly right purpose.

I am here and able to give you help if you need me.  We have been brought together as friends so that something in your path could be illuminated to make the journey easier.

All my best – hugs and love,

Hope Beyondkarma



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