“No”ing You’re Psychic…


In my life, reading for people is not new, but reading for the general public is – very.  Generally speaking, I log on to the Keen website just about everyday.  People call; I give them answers.  And, probably because I’m on just about everyday, I speak some of the same people quite frequently.  Granted not all callers are frequent, but some are facing hard and confusing issues and they need guidance, or insight, or just a way of making sense of what is happening that they can’t control.   Some callers try to steer me in a direction toward the answer they want, and others hang up when they hear something negative that doesn’t line up with either what someone else said or what they desire to occur.

Before I began to pronounce that I could “read”, I think people just thought I was bossy, lol.  As I grew up spirits came to me – mostly in dreams – to tell me what would happen in life.  I was a kid, so I was never overwhelmed with adult issues, although I was the kind of kid that was a “little adult”.  They would tell me who was going to be pregnant, who who was coming to visit.  And they would also steer me – guide me – away from bad people and situations.

As a child, as I lay down to sleep each night, I would close my eyes and immediately sit beneath a very large tree with huge sloping branches and a swing.  (What I now understand to be) My guides would swing me back and forth until I feel asleep.  Then they would show me things in my dreams.

In my jr high and teenage years, my psychic ability became a camp novelty: who liked who, who said what about who.  Not everybody knew about me, but those who did began asking me some serious questions around age 13.  I also read palms back then, and that was a big hit at parties.  Much later, though, as an adult, I met a man named Paul Selig, who I consider a master psychic, and who helped me understand my ability and how to hone it.  With Paul, I began to realize that I see pictures when I am speaking to people; all I have to do is give them the interpretation of the picture in my mind and that will have meaning for them.  Thats how my ability works.  Well, that, and also guides come through to give me information or I am able to pick up on the caller physically (hair, eyes, body) and I began to get impressions about them.

Yesterday, for example, a woman called that I had never spoken to before.  She wanted to know about a new house – would she buy a new house.  Right away, an older woman appeared, whom I described.  The woman I saw in my minds eye, appeared in a white gown, which I interpret as a symbol that she acts as a guide for the woman calling. The woman in my minds eye then made a gesture (which I can no longer recall) that indicated to me that she was from the male (fathers) side.  The woman calling verified that this description sounded like her grandmother on her fathers side. The woman in my minds eye then showed me brick, a living room through a window, a back yard, and an apartment complex environment – the series of pictures ended with the backyard and a party like scenario.  I then asked the caller if she lived in a brick house.  She did.   I asked if it was attached. Yes, she said.  I explained to her that I felt it was important to her to have a back yard, to entertain.  I explained, that I felt that was a true hearts desire.  Yes, yes, yes, she exclaimed and we went on to talk for an hour as information kept coming through for her via her grandmother guide.

Later that day, the call stayed with me, which is far from normal – as almost a general rule, I will forget the content of the conversation in minutes, as it isn’t relevant to my life and has nothing to do with me.  But, this time I thought about other instances when I was able to see rooms, or homes: When Paul moved to the village and I said, “Oh, its it a second floor with a big curved window at the front, tall white walls and almost feels loftish?”  Thats it, he said, you’re here.  Or, when my friend in NJ told me about house shopping and I said “Was that the yellow house on the hill in the cul de sac?  You’re husband won’t like it; nice on the outside, but issues”.  They went forward on the house and stopped the deal when they found out the sewer was backed up and would be a multi thousand dollar repair.

Listen, I promise, I am not zooming into outer space and hovering over these places.  I am simply getting impressions – pictures – and relaying the meaning.

Unfortuately, (for them), my family has never supported my psychic ability.  Its ironic, because it is a known fact that my great-grandmother was the medicine woman in her village in Manchester, Jamaica.  (I like to say that the “Medicine Woman” could tell you when you were having a baby and which one you made it with! (Caribbean humor).   It is also known in my family that my mother worked on psychic hotlines while she was in school when I was young.  Everyone knows my mothers obsession with reading playing cards, to boot.  Now, I also read playing cards with phone callers – mostly because its a fast way to get information.  But, for some reason, in my family, when it comes to me, my abilities are poo-pooed

So it was no surprise that my Aunt responded the way she did the last time I picked up information about her: My Aunt told me about a new boyfriend and I saw the word “wife”, and a symbol that indicated the relationship would have trouble, I said “Auntie, ask him about his wife.  She’s a troublemaker, but it might not be entirely her fault.”  Instead of hearing me, my Aunt called the new boyfriend in front of me and said in a jokingly defiant tone (ok smurkingly):

“My niece thinks she psychic!  She said ask about your Wife!  ha-ha!”.
The man on the phone said “Why would she say that?”
“She thinks she’s psychic!”, my Aunt said.
Then they spoke  in hushed tones until my Aunt hung up the phone.

She stared at me with a look I couldn’t read. “Was i wrong?”, I asked.  No, she sounded annoyed, “His wife is bipolar. She needs a lot of attention and still relies on him even though they are divorced”.  Oh…  That was all I could say. (But I was thinking “told ya”).  The relationship between them failed.

However, my question (to my Aunt) was, and still is, why would you doubt me?  Did I not tell you you when, and that, you were having a boy child when I was only 15?

I’d say its a pretty good thing I gotten to know myself…

Best and hugs,
Hope Beyond Karma


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