How Readings Can Help and Hinder…


Hello my dearests:))!  Happy Sunday to you all!  I want to share some thoughts with you on readings and how they both help and hinder.  I speak about this from a personal perspective:  just like you, there have been moments in my life when things felt out of control, or like I just “needed” to know what someone was thinking – if he was coming back / what would the outcome be… believe me when I tell you, I would drive myself bananas. 

When we face these moments, we tend to call reader after reader, wanting an opinion or perspective from 3, 10, 15, or 50 angles.  It’s nerve racking when one doesn’t say what the other said, throwing us even deeper into the frenzy of trying to “know”.  Now, before I go further, let me be super clear that I HAVE BEEN THERE, and here is what I know like I know like I know:  circling everybody’s wagon doesn’t help. 

Readers read differently.  Some see far off into the future, some see a very short time frame, some, like me, read the energy and get impressions of the person or people involved in the situation.  Some, like me, get messages from the persons guides or loved one(s) crossed over about how to help you understand what’s happening and make good choices. In my opinion, its best to find two or three people that you feel comfortable with – who give you a similar “story” (meaning see the same visions about you), as that is an indication they are all in sync, and stick with them. 

I myself have my favorite advisors here, they are my friends and I trust them.  But, I researched them.  I read all their comments, looked at blogs, read what others had to say about them.  I would NEVER just pick a reader on the fly and “give them a try”.  No sir!!!  But, that said, I know many of you met me that way, and I do whole-heartedly believe that we were led to each other.  I truly do.  I’m just telling you what works for me. 

In all, I just want you to be careful about whom you choose to read for you.  Find a few advisors that you like and “favorite” them.  Trust, me, as a psychic who LOVES psychics, be careful with whom you choose to give you information about your soul and your should journey.  Just because someone is psychic doesn’t make them spiritual, or mentally stable, or good-natured in general. 

As always, I’m here for you when you need me, and I’M TAKING CALLS NOW
 (will be sporadic during the week).  Catch me;v))!!

Oh, and let me know if you’re interested in knowing my favorite advisors!!

Best and hugs,

Hope Beyondkarma
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and, always, written feedback is appreciated



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