Well, hello David!

While it may be true that Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from June 26 through July 20, 2013, you may have been feeling the shift in energy lately that has been makings things quite bright!!

First, lets take into account the character of Mercury Retrogrades:  We know that Mercury Retrogrades have a tendency to delay things, affect relationships by aggravating underling issues, causing impatience and questioning.  We also know that a Mercury Retrograde is the WRONG time to sign new contracts.  And lastly, we know that, as the planet of communication, Mercury in retrograde normally tends to create confusion all around.

In lieu of this, I want to bring to your attention that during this very month a Grand Soul Alignment occurs.  This means a series of planetary alignments create a totally-rare Star of David.  Now, considering the last Star of David alignment occurred 70 years ago, it’s likely to be the one and only time that we experience this in most of our lifetimes….  But, most simply put, on July 22nd, 2013, the six planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the Moon will geometrically form two symmetrical and interlocking triangles (one facing up and the other facing down) that will configure with six points within a 360 degree radius and look precisely like the Star of David.

Some Christians even believe that Jesus makes mention of this occurrence in Revelations 22:16 when he says:

I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

In our modern world, we still accept and apply 4000 year old astrological maps of the sky to predict both good and bad occurrences. To give you more of an indication of the significance of this event, try to imagine that this is the same occurrence the ancient astrologic Hebrews used not only represent the meaning of their religion, but also saw as a signal from God that something very special was coming or about to occur.  They believed this same formation happened at the birth of King David.  Today, this alignment is still believed to be a sign from the universe that something historically great will occur.  Hence, the special symmetrical alignment is now known as the symbol the Star of David.

Are you getting what a heavy hitter this is?

Personally, and from my more-spiritual than religious perspective what comes to me has to do with the world – and peace.  For example, I the Supreme Court striking part of an anti-gay marriage law is a product of this alignment. Think about it… almost half of the population in America were withheld the rights of the other.  Were it a prejudicial imbalance based on color it would be more apparent, not to mention racist, but a division based on orientation, it’s easier to bypass – expect to the people being bypassed.  For me, any attempt to divide people is incomprehensible, and it is no mistake that it was overridden during this time.

Even further, from my perspective, Paula Dean’s embarrassment here in the US, along with the Trevon Martin trail are unmistakably happening during this time.   (GOOD) People are tired of antiquated ideas about “others vs. us” and they are being called out instead of politely ignored.  We want to see each other as people and garner the respect that comes with being open, fair, and accepting.  George Zimmerman and Paula Dean have one baseline in common, they’ve been branded with a scarlet “M” – for moronic thinking.  And , thusly, have been made social pariahs, and it is well deserved.

More practically, I read energy, so to express the meaning of this amazing occurrence from that perspective… the shift is enormous and very real.  Think of this as a new foundation and balancing; we’re informed now and, in a sense, returning to love. For example, if you’ve been single for a while expect your man to show up, or expect to meet men.  If you’re male, now is the time for a hot date to have a hot date.  From a deeper perspective, it’s like the universe is doing a happy dance (and its a good analogy to think of that way – like the planets are joining hands and coming together in a  joyful group).  The big job you’ve wanted could show up.  Or, the money you’ve needed could come in.  (PS all of these things have occurred in my personal life in the last few weeks, and I just expect things to keep getting better!) Generally, the Universe is giving us all a great big MUAH!! (Thats a “Kiss”, silly;v)

So, with all of that said, my happiest wishes to all during this uber-special Star of David moment;v)

Best and Hugs,


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