Its Okay Your Kid Is Gay…

magic-johnson-gay-sonI read for a bigot yesterday, for the first time that I know of.  She called and asked about a host of things that I can’t recall.  (I never absorb details of a reading, I just do it and let it go).  But, her final question I will always remember “And, so what about my daughter… She told me she was gay and I said ‘No you’re not’, will she find a boyfriend?”

What does one say?  I said “I think she’s gay, ma’am.  And, I take it you have a problem with that?” “Yes,” she said.  Then I felt I had to speak my truth: “She talks about boys now, right? (she agreed) Well, she’s doing that to appease you.  You’re daughter is gay.  And, you happen to be talking to someone who believes God made everyone and everything and all it is on purpose.”  She promptly hung up.

Then, a few minutes later, another caller.  This time an openly gay female looking for love.  “I called you because of what your page said”:

ABSOLUTELY ALL are welcome in my house: gay straight, short, tall, God made us all. I’m here if you need me.

I told her what had happened moments before, and I felt very happy that she had read my page; some psychic readers place judgement she admitted, just as I had thought.

Thank God for parents like Magic Johnson.  I grew up around people like him.  People who have kids and love them.  People who don’t place value on society’s views of their children, but, instead, teach their kids that they are valuable and lovable and light beings of God as we all are.  When the day comes, I pray I will be that kind of parent.

When Magic Johnson‘s college student son Earvin Johnson III, known as E.J., was outed by TMZ a few weeks back, I sat on my sofa with bated breath waiting to see how Magic would respond.  To my delight, he was quoted as saying that he supports EJ “a million percent.” (You go, Magic!)

I am a straight woman, but I suppose this passion was born out of watching two of my friends come out to their parents only to be safely tucked back in the closet.  Thier parents did not excommunicate them, but they made it very clear that they were NOT gay.  In others words, you are NOT gay when you come here, got it?  Both these young men went on to have failed relationships with women, become celibate in one case.  And, in the other, develop a debilitating anxiety that requires medication to this day.  In both cases, it broke my heart.

EJ is lucky,  The daughter of the woman I spoke to yesterday is, unfortunately, not as lucky.  She will try to conform and it will never feel right.  With luck, she’ll make friends in college that will help her be comfortable in the skin that God gave her.  And, maybe, perhaps, one day, her mother might read about the statistics of death among young gay teens and decide, that, although she may be puzzled, she would rather live with her daughter watching her happy and settled with a woman in this life than ever ever consider, even for a remote second, the possibility  living without her.

I’m always here if you need me.

Virtual hugs,
Hope Beyondkarma


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