Change Your Energy… Change Your Mind

chakras7You know how people are always going on about energy?  Energy this energy that…  People’s energy, the energy of a place… it can be kind of confusing, don’t ya think?  Listen… energy is simple to understand:  it’s the FEELING that is EMOTED from a person place or thing.

Think of it this way:  imagine a guy gets socked in the eye… he is bewildered… he is immediately enraged… his ENERGY is high/angry/heightened.  Yesterday, he may have been calmly watching TV, at which time his energy was calm, and subdued.  Today,  he’s stark raving mad – totally different ENERGY.

Now imagine you’re holding a little puppy.  Puppies are new baby beings.  They emote love.  You would coo at it and cradle it; your ENERGY would be loving, kind and caring.

Do you see?  Your energy is what is emoted form the inside.

Now… to confuse you further…  You ARE energy.  We all are.   We are energetic beings filled with atoms, aren’t we?

Recent quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves.  And, an atom is actually an invisible force field, a kind of miniature tornado, which emits waves of electrical energy.  Well, that’s you – a miniature tornado of energy.

Ok? Got it,?
So what does that all mean?

Well imagine you were always that angry guy that just got socked in the eye (I mean some people really live like that – hopefully not you;v).  You’d wake up pissed.  Yell at people.  Be an abusive argumentative person.  (Do you wanna know that person – I don’t).  The energy you emit would be low.  It wouldn’t feel so good to be around you.  (Ick).

On the other hand, you could be the loving person, cradling your invisible puppy in your heart.  How would you feel in the morning when you opened your eyes?  What would you make people feel when you walked into a room.  (I would totally wanna talk to you!).

Now, the question becomes can one CHANGE ones energy.  And I believe the answer is a resounding YES!  Consider this… Yesterday I was nervous about something…. Fidgety all day… thinking… worrying.  My energy was off.  Today I decided I didn’t want to feel that way so here’s what I did this morning:

I woke up.  I lay in bed. I put both hands at my side palms facing up. I breathed in, imagining pure white light coming into my body through my nose.  As I breathed out, I imagine that light getting pushed down into my body.  Then, in again, pushing that light down my throat, across my shoulders and into each hand.  Breathing in and out, I continued and imagined the light entering my fingers then traveling right back up my arms.  Keeping the breath, I sent it straight to my heart and let it rest there a moment.  Sstill breathing, I let the pure white light travel down my spine and belly, into my legs, feet and toes.  This time though, as I reached my spine, I sent the light to my chakras and imagined the color wheels spinning:  at the bottom of my spine I saw a red wheel; below my belly, orange; above my belly, at my solar plexus, yellow.  At my heart, green, this time letting my heart radiate as brightly as I could. At my throat a bight blue wheel.  Then my third eye, an indigo wheel spun.  Finally, violet at my crown.  I then imagined a huge beacon of white light flowing from my head into the universe.  I concentrated there for a while and slowly opened my eyes. 

In all, this exercise took about three to five minutes.  But guess what?  I’m in a great mood.

Know why?  Cause I changed my energy.

Now… call me for a reading and I’ll help you change yours, lol!


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