Use What Ya Got …


Here’s the truth:  I have always been empathic, and I have never wanted to read for people.  I’m a psychic who loves psychics.  I have always gone to them. Seeking the best of the best and getting advice, doing spiritual work, unblocking, etc…  Time and time again they have warned me, maybe “warned” is too harsh… lets say “prepared” me, that I am a gifted reader and I would read for and help people later in my life.

When I was a child, I would play with my friend every night before bed.  I would lie in my bed, as if going to sleep, close my eyes, wait a few minutes, and then meet my friend by a big tree with a huge swing.  My friend and I would proceed to play, pushing me up, and back, up, and back, and up, and back again.

My life as a kid was pretty hard; I was alone a lot, and this was the best part of my day – believe it or not.  I knew there was something different about what was happening, but I enjoyed it so much I didn’t care.  Oh, and there was one other thing – a purple light – a moving light – would dance around the space between my eyes when they were closed; that’s how I knew my friend was there.

I never saw my friend. I just felt he was there.  And I knew he was male.  As I got older the purple light never went away.  If I needed to know something, or I didn’t believe what someone was telling me, or I wanted “information” (I was VERY nosey), I could always just close my eyes, wait for the light to appear, and the answer would be there.

There are too may instances to recall, but I was the one in the family that knew the sex of babies, knew when someone was in trouble, knew who was “bad”, knew who lied or who would “die” (I don’t believe in death though).  I knew a lot.  The problem is I was not even 10 years old.

My mother did not encourage this part of me.  She would tell me to hush, or make fun of me, or laugh it off, like “Oh yeah?  You think you’re psychic?”  But, I was.  I would tell her who to talk to to get something at the store.  At 9, I frantically begged my grandparents to go and find my cousin who, years later, I found out was about to raped as my grandfather stepped into the place where she was.  He saved her, thank God.  And, thank God, my Grandmother listened and made my Grandfather get up.

Later, in my twenties, I would offer party favors, sometimes reading people in rounds – telling them about their jobs, family, loved ones on the other side.  But… I never, never, had the desire to read professionally.  Friends would refer friends to me and I would help them.  No biggie.  I would stand next to someone and feel his or her spirit guide, and sometimes I would share what I felt.  All good.  My purple light, spirit guide is just always there and I just accepted it as a part of me.

It wasn’t until the market fell, I lost my exec job, went back to school and needed work part time, did it even occur to me that it was something I that could help me to make money.  I was starting over, going back to school and living as a student at 40.  (Not fun.  And, certainly not where I imagined my life to be.)   But, I was finally following my hearts to desire to write  – and I was starting with television.

To make a long story short, I have began the world of writing and creating television with a very low paid success.  I wrote a show, it got on the air, and they paid me next to nothing.  But I still hadn’t begun reading publicly.  Then a major network called: they wanted a meeting.  I was elated until they said, “ok, see you in LA, here’s our address…” My heart stopped.  Ummm… I’m on the east coast… Renting the bedroom of my large one-bedroom condo…  living dormitory style.  I worried all night.

Then, by the next morning, it came to me – use what ya got to get what ya want.  I made a page on Keen, said a prayer, and started taking calls.  And… I found that I absolutely love helping people.  It leaves me with a sense of peace and purpose.  I feel that I’m doing the right thing, and my reviews only cement that.  I feel for the people I help.  I feel that we were led to each other so that a message can be shared.  I want them to be ok.  I want them to find love, find the job, get the thing they desire.  And I feel their guides.

Theresa Caputo says that her anxiety dissipated when she began reading for people, and I concur.  It’s an amazing gift, and I’m glad to share it.  It was given to me by my Great-great-grandmother.   Now, I feel that I have officially entered the next part of my life.  And, even more, because of it I’m buying my plane ticket next week,;v).

Wish me luck; I’m always here if you need me…
-Hope Beyondkarma


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