STOP the Madness…

One of the most difficult things in life is to move past anger with ones you love.  You ask yourself, “How could they be so oblivion of me?” “how could they ignore my feelings?”, “how could they be so mean?”.  The simplest answer is that people don’t often understand how you are feeling inside.

Each of us gets caught up in our own lives – what’s happening today, what we have to do tomorrow.  Sometimes, even when you tell someone you need him or her they don’t hear you.  The natural response to not being heard is anger.

But, anger is fear.  Fear that we won’t be taken care of.  Fear that we will be alone.  In these moments, close your eyes, take a breath, and try not to respond.  Know that the person before you loves you just as much as you love them.  Know that they would do more if they could.  Let that be enough.

Instead of getting angry, call someone else.  Let someone else show up for you.  Tell them you need them and let the universe do its work.  You’ll be surprised how people turn around when you let go.

Call me if you need me
– Hope Beyondkarma


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