Cartomancy – Insight on Life…

Anglo-American_card_suitsSo what is Cartomancy?  And what does it mean when I say I “read” Playing Cards?  (Yes, yes… you read correctly – I read playing cards!).

Well, according to, Cartomancy is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards. Forms of cartomancy appeared soon after playing cards were first introduced into Europe in the 14th century.

Practitioners of cartomancy are generally known as cartomancers, card readers, or simply readers.
To put it simply, Cartomancy is one of the oldest of the more common forms of fortune-telling. It is similar to tarot card reading in that various card spreads are used, such as single card, 3 card spread, or more complicated spreads like Divination or Destiny.

All of that said, however, I learned to read playing cards from my mother.  I used to hear her mumbling to people on the phone with her cards around the table.  I remember asking her what she was doing but she was always very secretive about it.  Basically I got the jest from eavesdropping!  Later, as my intuition became a central part of my life, I began to become fascinated with Tarot, but it wasn’t until I picked up the playing cards that it all made sense.

I was born with a natural “knowing”. I have been giving advice, receiving messages, and being offered images all my life.  My guides were with me as a child and they are with me now.  I use the cards when I talk with people over the phone because generally they are in a super rush and the cards give me quick insight.  Its neat and it works for me, and I am really grateful for them.

Oh, and here’s a funny – When I finally got the nerve to admit to my mom I was reading for people over the phone, she said “oh yeah, I did that, too; that’s what the playing cards are for!” – LOL;v)

Call me if you need me,
-Hope Beyondkarma


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