Steps to Soulmate Attraction: Part 1 of 4


In order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up the intention to create your desire; it means you give up your attachment to the result.
– Deepak Chopra, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”

Lets start discussing how to manifest Soulmates, shall we? (This will be th first in a series of three on this subject… so much to say, so little time, lol).

As we know the Soulmate is someone with whom we feel a deep and profound connection. Someone with whom we share love unconditionally. On a spiritual level, we recognize the soulmate as “familiar” instantly. In my life, when I’ve met a new love or a new friend and we talk and talk for hours, realizing at some point the entire night is gone and perhaps the sun is coming up, I get that “ding -ding-ding!” feeling. It feels good to met people we recognize.

I also believe that we all have intended soulmates. Yes… more than one. They come in the form of animals, friends, family, and lovers. But, that said, I also believe that we can sabotage these relationships out of habit or fear. With that, I want to note that a big part of manifesting the love you want is about letting go of past hurts; preparing for your future self and your future love often requires we let go of baggage and emotional wounds.

For me, the paramount technique to manifesting love is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: the law of attraction basically says that you will attract people, events, experiences, etc, that match your state of being. And really its super simple: focus on the gratitude for the love companionship, friendships, and joy you have in your life RIGHT NOW and more of the same will be attracted to you. On the other hand, focus on your sickness, your poor relationship with your mother or siblings, that no good so-and-so and everything he’s done wrong the past five years… and guess what. Well, lets just say things will not get better anytime soon.

When I began to really understand the Laws of Attraction and preparation to manifest a soul mate, a master psychic friend of mine explained that I had to begin the process of “living as if.” And I’d be like “What?”, and he’d be like “You heard me!” What he was trying to impart is that I needed to begin to let my imagination flow regarding my future mate. Feel him, laying next to me. Feel him, at the supermarket shopping with me. Feel him coming to me. And just know, like I know, like I know that he’s walking toward me while I’m sitting here right now. Its the belief that your soul mate exists and is already yours.

Now, once you feel you know he (or she) is coming. And once you feel that you’ve let go of the hurts that of bound and blocked you in the past. You are ready to place your order… Think about it, in life we go to the carwash… we don’t say, “hey, maybe could ya like maybe wash my car? Maybe?”. No. we say, “I brought the car for a wash. Thanks.” And we expect the car to get washed. When you do into your favorite coffee place you place an order, “Half-caf, vent, vanilla, latte, no foam”. We are decided. WE ARE ORDERING BECAUSE WE HAVE AN EXPECTATION THAT WE KNOW WILL GET MET. What if a attracting a mate was just like that?

Certainly, the Universe isn’t as immediate. But, certainly, you must be just as exact. But, remember, knowing what you want means knowing what you DON’T WANT. You must really dig seep into your soul on this one. Don’t act fast! Reflect and be specific. Then find a time and place that is meaningful to you to declare it to the Universe – like a full moon, or a beautiful lake or ocean in your area, or even after a lovely candle lit bath. Its what feels good to you that matters.

Once you’ve chosen a time of day and location that feels right for you. Sit and read your list out loud, allowing the feeling of every word, trait, quality and desire to ripple through you. Then, as an act of faith that your wishes have been heard and granted, put it into a fire-safe container and burn it. Yes – burn it. As your list is turning to ash, know that your deepest intentions are being handed over to unseen forces that will orchestrate the time and place when you will one day meet your soul mate. Release the ashes into a body of water (the ocean, a river, a lake, etc.), or if that isn’t possible or practical, release them into a garden or park.

Then sit quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed, feeling your heart opening and expanding and knowing your prayers have been released to the powers of the universe. In the quiet of your heart, send a message to your beloved that you are looking forward to seeing him or her soon.

Please know that my intentions are always to help you get the life and love you desire and deserve.

Love and more love,



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Today, I’m sharing something really special with you; this is a LESSON IN AFFIRMATIONS & EMPOWERING MANTRAS!!  It is a lesson that my dear friend wrote on her blog and I decided to share it with you!!!

I hear you, I hear you, “Hope!  What is an AFFIRMATION??”:
It’s easy… Affirmations change energy.  It is something you say, every day, that helps change energy, bring in goodness, and lift the positive energy swirling around you.  Saying these affirmations (or your own, that you’ve made up) creates energy–a powerful, positive force that begins to overtake the negative that you may have previously created or may have been in the process of creating and change it up, to create something wonderful, something positive, in your life, JUST for you 🙂
*** Think of “Affirmations” as “Magnets.”  Energy magnets!

EMPOWERING MANTRAS:  these are sayings that I’ve come up with for me or gathered over the years that just FEEL powerful when I say them.  These  mantras have helped jerk me back to the positive when I’m feeling a bit down, or negative, or just get that feeling that I’m about to create something negative in my life that I don’t want!
I say as many as I feel I need at that time.  I also have a habit of reading them–which also has the ability to just uplift my spirits.

ALSO:  I encourage you each to make a list of the things you want to come to you in life, and look at that list every day–ask The Angels, or God (or whatever name you call Them or Him by) to bring you what you’ve asked for.  Then, forget the list until the following day–knowing you’ll get what you asked for! My life is a living, walking, breathing testament that these “lists” work.  I call them “My God List”, or “My Angel List” but call them whatever you want to call them–they work!

So here is what I do:  I make my God list, say it daily, then forget about it for the rest of the day.  Next, I say my Affirmations–I’ll pick a several that appeal to changes I am wanting to make within me or my life at that time.  Then, on any given day that I may start to feel myself getting down/depressed (where that negative energy can go into “creation mode”)–I pull out the Mantras.  I don’t want to allow myself to go into negative-creation-mode because I’m about creating good in my life–not the opposite.  And if I don’t catch myself, I’ll reverse the good I’ve been creating and have to start over.  Make sense?

So I read the Mantras until I start to feel the tension/anxiety/frustration/stress pass.  Then I say a “thank you” to my Angels for helping me through the ugliness, and I get back to life! (The Thank You is VERY important–never believe that your circumstances changed just b/c of you–there is ALWAYS a Higher Power helping you out in some form or fashion–so be grateful to Them and, in turn, you receive more–b/c they LIKE being praised.  Or at least that’s been my experience and the experience of other’s I’ve talked to who’ve used this method).
So, now that I’ve done a lot of talking, here are the Affirmations, Mantras & Empowering sayins that you can taylor-make to your own needs:


  1. I only manifest the best IN my life & FOR my life! Prosperity is always drawn to me.
  2. I am a MAGNET for _______________ (insert: prosperity, success, happiness, love, passion, romance, money, wealth, luck, health, etc)
  3. The law of abundance is ALWAYS working in my favor and working for me!
  4. I am constantly receiving happy surprises that I am thankful for.
  5. I am constantly receiving money from known & unknown places.
  6. I am a magnet for money!
  7. Without any harm coming to me, I am free of all debt!
  8. I look and feel great!
  9. I am very lucky to be me!
  10. i AM the luckiest person!
  11. I willingly receive all prosperity into my life.  I gratefully receive all prosperity into my life.
  12. I live a stress-free life.
  13. I am constantly amazed at how easily and quickly I lose weight.
  14. I lose weight easily & quickly, and I keep it off!
  15. I am a positive person.
  16. I have high self esteem.  I have a lot of self confidence.


  1. I am the power, the master & the cause of my attitude, feelings, emotions & behavior.
  2. I am powerful whole and complete within myself.
  3. I am powerful & centered at all times.
  4. I allow nothing and no one to know me off-balance or off-center.
  5. I have perfect self-control in all situations.
  6. I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s negative energy.
  7. My THOUGHTS create my reality, and I ONLY create the best for me!
  8. I recognize mistakes are positive and not negative.
  9. I choose to live in the present & not hold the past against myself.
  10. Every action I take leads me to happiness, prosperity & wealth.
  11. I hereby surrender all problems & challenges into God’s hands.
  12. I have perfect faith & trust in God, His Angels & myself.  All I want is coming to me, at the right time.  There is no need for impatience.
  13. Everything in my life happens for a purpose and for my best benefit.
  14. Every situation in my life that I perceive as negative is only a passing lesson and is actually positive.  It is only my perception that makes it negative.  It is only my unwillingness to release that allows the lesson to remain in my life rather than pass out of my life, as it was meant to.
  15. Every perceived problem is actually an opportunity.  Find the opportunity.
  16. Fear has no place in my life.
  17. My God (higher power/universal power/Angels, etc – whatever is right for you!) is a God (see previous:v) of PLENTY. He (she/it/they;v)  always takes care of me.  Why would today be any different?
  18. God’s promises are built upon a rock.  As I have asked, I MUST receive.
  19. I cast my burdens to the universe and am free to be loving, harmonious and happy.
  20. Timing is NEVER an issue–I always receive what I want and need, at the exact TIME I am supposed to have it.

These are just a few examples of Affirmations & Mantras–you can make up an affirmation about any subject and will see positive results happen from them if you are diligent in saying them. If you’d like help making up some Affirmations or Mantras for your personal situation, please feel free to email me, let me know what subject you want them on, and as time permits, I’ll be happy to send you some just for you! 🙂

Hope you found the wisdom of my dear friend helpful!  Email me with any questions!

Hugs and love,

The Soulmate vs. Twin Flame Relationship


As you can imagine, many, many of the people I assist call me to inquire about their relationships. We all want to know if the relationship we desire will have staying power.  When we meet a familiar soul it can make us or tear us apart. What is most confusing is the Soulmate vs Twin-Flame relationship. And, while some may argue that it is impossible to know the difference, we know for certain that each is a very important relationship. Here is what I have come to understand:

Soulmates and Twin-Flames can feel very similar. Soulmates are the common encounters, while Twin-Flames rarely ever incarnate together at the same time.

The commonalities are that you feel the same type of “familiarity” between you. It’s a beautiful feeling best described as comfort, as if this person is not a stranger. Both have an intense attraction, and both denote the feeling of “knowing” immediately just described. But there are real differences between these two soul relationships.

Soulmate relationship appear in our lives in the form of best friends and lovers, even family members – like a cousin, sister, or mother. A Soulmate will have a lot in common with you and equally as many differences. Its sort of like Soulmates meet us on our path to support our spiritual journey, and generally they come right in to help us learn –and they present a lot of challenges.

Many times we have difficulty facing those challenges with our Soulmates as they are often hinged with past Karma, past life experiences, karmic debts to each other, or conflicts within us that our Soulmates cause us to face. Soulmates bring some aspect that we need to address head on but we always have a choice to do that or walk away. Typically the Soulmate relationship helps us become more tolerant [in – and of – life] which leads to more acceptance, forgiveness, and happiness as we grow and move forward in life. BUT THIS IS NOT EASY.

Often times, people think, “Wow, he (or she) feels so familiar! I KNOW them! I loved them INSTANTLY! So, why am I crying now…? Why didn’t it work out…?” Its a total misconception that the Soulmate relationship will land in the middle of you life surrounded by rainbows and leprechauns! In fact, its quite the opposite.

Think about it this way… What happens when things grow? Well, what about babies and children? Babies aren’t born walking, are they? They get bumps and bruises and fall and learn. Well, our souls are the same:

Simply put, we are each here on this earth to learn and grow, and the Soulmate comes along to help us on that journey. And, as we grow we hurt, and the soulmate is like the magnet/bandaid/lesson that helps us get to the next level of our understanding – and for the most part, its a relationship that can hurt like heck.

On the other hand, the Twin-Flame connection will feel like EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY. Even if there are long periods of separation, or cessation of communication, you will come back together with more love. The major theme of the Twin-Flame relationship is unconditional love. You just realize the deep love you have for your mate no matter what external circumstances may force you apart. You are always held together by love. Many Twin-Flames face obstacles such as distance, marital status, significant age difference and other conflicting circumstances that force the two to remove ego and many patterns of thinking they previously thought were right. They key is that TWIN-FLAME RELATIONSHIPS ALWAYS WORK.

Consider this… Imagine a huge fancy schamncy party like a gala – you have to wear a tux, or a ball gown – total black tie event. Lets call it the SOUL LOVE PARTY. Ok, now, in order to get there you have to buy an outfit, get your hair done, find a ride, etc. If you are going to the event with your SOULMATE, you both might look amazing, you both might get in the car together totally excited. BUT, you get a flat on the way there. OR, you spill a soda on your dress when you get there. OR, he’s late to pick you up and super sorry. SOMETHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG WITH THE SOULMATE RELATIONSHIP TO TEST YOU AND MAKE YOU LEARN AND GROW. That doesn’t mean you won’t stay together. It just means there will be challenges, and that is the point.

If, on the other hand, you are going to the party with your TWINFLAME, he or she will arrive on time, he or she will JUST HAPPEN to match your outfit. You will have an unbelievable time at the event! You will JUST HAPPEN to be the couple that wins the big prize at the party – etc. In short, TWINFLAMES ALWAYS WORK OUT.

Very simply put, the Soulmate helps our should grow. The Twin-Flame shows up after all the work is done.

I hope this helps you.

I’m taking calls all day and always here if you need me, k?

Love and hugs,

One Little Question… So Many Psychics…

226768_196791753795657_1279411509_nWe’ve all done this ok…  (including me),

You find your self needing an answer.  You call psychic after psychic, and then, finally, you ask yourself – Why is it that I keep getting the same message about the same question but with different psychics and yet nothing is happening?

The answer is simple . . . you’ve lost faith!

If you truly had faith you would not go from psychic to psychic to get a reading about the same question.  It’s like shopping for a pair of shoes.  You keep shopping around until you find a pair that fits for you.  You walk around the store with them – decide… hmm these are comfortable.  And, then ….  ask the sales person to put them on hold!  What you are really doing is telling spirit that you don’t believe what they are telling you and that you will go from psychic to psychic until you get a message that you WANT to hear, not one that you need to hear.

Since you don’t have faith and trust that it will all work out, you will get no where.  Spirit will keep giving you the same message and yet nothing will happen until you finally give up with the window shopping and give it all time to work out.

You see – when spirit gives you a message in regards to a question you have – we here have to wait for the energies to manifest for the right conditions to arrive for that message to actually manifest and become reality.

It’s like that old saying “Let go and let God”.  I will not read for the same person with the same type of question in less than 6 months because of the fact that they have to let go and let God.  That doesn’t mean that you just sit home and wait for your prince charming to knock on the door.  That’s not going to happen. The pizza delivery person is only there to deliver the pizza and not ask you out on a date.  Or that job that spirit told you that is going to arrive in a specific period of time is not going to find you unless you get out of the house and apply for jobs.

There is always work that we have to do to get anything to happen.

Some of you are like OK, Hope,  I don’t need a psychic to tell me that.  But to the person getting the reading it’s a message of hope that they need to hear.  OR it may even be a message of – Sorry you are going to have to wait longer, there’s too much going on in your life right now for a new relationship.  And when they look at everything going on in their life they realize that the message was right and they relax about looking for the perfect relationship.  That is when things will begin to happen for many people.  That’s letting go and letting God.

I mean, lets say you need to send a package.  If you are going from one mail service (FedEX) at one location, to another mail (UPS) service at another location, and nothing is going to happen until you decide to trust one to deliver your package.  Same goes for when you are going from psychic to psychic (and paying a lot of money in the process)  asking the same questions – now you know why nothing is going on.

What you need to do is STOP!!!  Get the 1 ONE reading and LET IT GO!  Stop worrying about it, stop festering about it and let your guides help bring the changes to your life.

Got it?
Listen, you are not alone. Life is not easy.  I am here as a guide to you.  My guides and your confer and I am able to deliver information to you.  Call me anytime. And then, let things unfold on their own…


Deciding not to “see”…


Yesterday a dear client called to tell me how her predictions were panning out.  She has called frequently and has been very anxious about her situation.  As, I’ve said many times, the guides don’t always want us to know every single detail of life.  But, in her case, it was very clear that there would be a turning point by summers end.  She decided to disengage.  Just “be” and stop trying to “see”.  (OF COURSE) Things turned around just as she did that.  Really, about a week later…

When we talked, she said something that resonated with me: she said, “I am intuitive myself…” It occurred to me that many of my clients are just like me… Well, perhaps they wouldn’t be able to see a person’s hair color, region, and body character over the phone, but they do “sense” what is happening in their lives and they just call me for verification.

Like her, I have waited and hoped for a love to return, but unlike her, it took almost two years.  It was a period of my life that almost put me in the nut house.  Trust me when I tell you, I know the chord of connection between people; I know that a soul relationship doesn’t leave without closure – and even then, sometimes it lingers; I know that we come back together through the ions and recognize each other, and sort of pick up where we left off.  With that, however, I also know how difficult it is to disengage, put it on the shelf, or even in the trash, and let it (him or her) come back to you in divine timing.

Life is confusing; I’m thankful and honored to offer you guidance and the insight you need.

I’m always here for you,


I see… You see….

Psychic-reading-by-phone-mail-273x300-1Isn’t it the truth that we all look to advisors to “see” what life will bring us. We each yearn to understand the moments of life that are confusing or overwhelm us.  In my life, there are a few trusted people that I rely on to help guide me.

Although I read energies and can see the imprint of your situations, when it comes to my own life, I often need verification of what I’m seeing and so I “read together” with someone I trust.  But, even with that, I know like I know like I know, that the truth of life can surprise us, and I am often caught off guard.

Like you, I have been given predictions that come to pass, but in ways I would have never imagined.  When I left my last job as a Marketing Director to start a business in a creative field, my good friend, a writer and psychic, said that someone I didn’t expect would follow me and not to give up even when I doubted – the business will succeed, he assured me.

Well, how could have known that after three hard years, the receptionist at my former job would see what I was up to on Facebook and not only offer to work for free until I could afford her, but suggest my business to her current employer landing me a very lucrative contract, which will completely turn the tide.  My point is that you must take the information and let it be.

Don’t try to figure it all out; let life happen. And I will also try to take my own advise, lol!

Just as I believe that some are given the gift of insight to help others, I also believe in the power of the universe to take us to the exact place at the exact time for the exactly right purpose.

I am here and able to give you help if you need me.  We have been brought together as friends so that something in your path could be illuminated to make the journey easier.

All my best – hugs and love,

Hope Beyondkarma

This girl loves a rainbow…


The other day I shared some of the experiences that occurred with my mother with a friend.  I should point out that my “friend” is a reader that I trust and call often.  And, after talking with her through the years, it feels appropriate to call her “friend”.  We were talking about my sister; I’d asked her when she felt the tension between the two of us would subside.  As we talked, the subject my mother arose.  And, well, the only way to describe her response was shock.

Sometimes we forget how much has occurred in our lives.  We see ourselves in the vacuum of “today” and overlook how many roads we’ve traveled to get to the moment where we stand right now.  Like many, I am a survivor.  Rape was first attempted on me at the age of eight, but the molesting coercion ensued for about three months.  A woman who worked part-time at my school as a Learning Specialist saved me.  It’s a day that I have never forgotten.  In fact, a few years ago, I found her.  She remembered me, and the healing that occurred as we simply sat and talked was intense: she said that she, too, had always remembered me.  She hugged me and we cried together. I hold an enormous torch in my heart for her.

My mother, on the other hand, does not display these types of qualities; to this day, we don’t interact much.  The nicest way to present it is that we are opposites.  Trust me when I tell you that being born into a family that you feel disconnected from isn’t easy.  In fact, it is likely one of the most difficult blueprints of life.  My first memory of our different soul journey’s on the day described above:  when, at the age of eight, my school called my mother in alarm upon finding me in an inappropriate embrace with an adult man, she advised them that nothing had happened and instructed them not to call the police.  When my mother arrived at my school to find me in the principal’s office instead of inquiring to my wellbeing, she attempted to coax me into saying that nothing happened.  But, I knew that it had and I would not comply.  I can’t stress enough how much that moment has shaped me; that I was forced, and held myself with honor enough, to speak my truth as a child while collided with the unnerving realization that my mother would not, and could not, protect me.  I viewed her differently there forward.

People do many things for all different reasons, but the most basic understanding of psychology helps us know that most abnormal behavior stems from unresolved trauma:  Woman that prostitute themselves while their children play in the next room are acting out a trauma.  Woman that leave that allow drug dealers to baby their kids without connecting the danger of that environment, and potential, influence on their child, are acting out unresolved traumatic issues.  And, women that carry children to term without informing, including, or creating natal bond with their existing children, adult or otherwise, are also acting out whatever familial issues, that lay unresolved within them.  It took me a long time to realize that, with the story above and others, my mother was no different.

It took an equal amount of time to for me understand the aftermath and long-term effects such incidences can have on the witnessing child, adult or otherwise.  I was a highschool senior when I began to explore power in relationships and the methods and modes of survival, along with unpacking the trauma I mention above.  The effort it took, and continues to take, to fight depression and self-deprecation is a kin to holding on to a solid tree as the velocity of a storm unearths boulders down a mountain, and just staying in the knowing that it will pass.

It’s a battle.  And not the kind that ends.  It’s the kind of battle that bleeds into my having  to be okay with living apart from my mother and other members of my family.  To see that environment as toxic and decide to live my truth within a code that feels right to me – not so much moral, but rather spiritual, and different from them.  And,  I’ll continue to face this challenge.  But, it also drives me to want more.  It’s has inspired my love of yoga and meditation, for example, even if by force: they are daily tools that help and remind me to focus and center – they bring me back “in” and ground me.

It is only in the last few years that my mother was able to show emotion and apologize for denying my truth all these years, and, only in a therapist’s office – at my suggestion.  All my life I’ve wondered why I was given this mother, why I was placed in this family, who could I have been, given a different and more loving place.   And, like you, I searched for these answers.  Here’s what I have been told and now believe:  the tragic and trauma driven incidents that occurred and I witnessed as I grew up were put in place so that later I would gain empathy and be able to help people.  Today I undstand that this part of me creates my in herrent empathy for gay teens.  Today, I get it; it is the catalyst for the work I’ve done to help women with children getting out of prison.  It’s why I want to begin talking to young girls.  Now, it’s crystal clear: it is at the core of my intuitive ability to feel struggles of other.

Through all of it, my guides were there for me, appearing in dreams or visions, telling me it would be ok, showing me good things to come.  I heard famed UK psychic astrologer, Michelle Knight,  speak once, she has a similar story to mine; she said, she just kept imagining her life as a rainbow after a hard rain…  And, cliché as it may sound, that simple image as helped tremendously.

Love and hugs,
(I’ve always loved rainbows).